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pHpets Drops: Alkaline Drops for Animals

“Alkaline drinking water that supports, cares and supplies your pet”

Enjoy your pet longer?

pHpets®​ drops is a alkaline mineral concentrate for dissolving and removing acidic waste from the body. Specially for animals. Supports a heaylthy pH balance.*

* Zinc


For a longer friendship! 

  • alkaline drops for your pet 
  • supports an acid-base balance in balance  

Deacidify your pet! 

  • Dissolves acidic waste materials. 
  • Breaks down acids in joints. 
  • Removes acids in the gallbladder, kidneys & urinary tract. 
  • Supports a healthy body weight! 
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pHpets Drops
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How does the deacidification process with pHpets® Drops work? 

pHpets® Drops is a strongly alkaline concentrate with a pH of 13.5 (alkaline is the opposite of acidic!) and additional minerals. Adding pHpets® Drops to your pet's drinking water creates alkaline water (pH 10) containing calcium, magnesium and zinc.  

Alkaline water stimulates sodium bicarbonate production in your pet's body. With this additional supply of sodium bicarbonate, your pet can dissolve and excrete acidic waste and accumulations in the body. In this way, your pet deacidifies. 

Why is pHpets® Drops so good for animals? 

Practice shows that deacidification with alkaline water has many positive effects on animals: 

  • Dissolves acidic waste materials in the joints 
  • Contributes to a healthy weight 
  • Removes excess acids in the bladder, bile and kidneys 
  • Helps keep skin healthy 3 
  • Has a positive effect on the immune system 3 
  • Contributes to extra energy in case of tiredness / exhaustion 2 
  • Helps maintain a shiny coat 3 
  • Contributes to the normal functioning of muscles 1, 2 
  • Contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and teeth 1, 2 
  • Support for stress 3 

1) Magnesium, 2) Calcium, 3) Zinc


  1. Shake pHpets® Drops before use. 
  2. Fill your pet's water bowl with water. 
  3. Apply a light pressure to the bottle to add the right number of drops to your pet's drinking water. 
  4. Change the drinking water twice a day and add drops each time. 


Dosage recommendation 

Drops quantity 

Drinking water (ml)       

1 drop

50 ml

2 drops

125 ml

4 drops

250 ml

8 drops

500 ml

16 drops

1000 ml

For which animals is pHpets® Drops suitable? 

pHpets® Drops are specially designed for dogs, cats, rabbits and rodents. 

pHpets® Drops can also be used for a variety of other animal species without any danger. If you want to know if pHpets® Drops are suitable for your pet, please contact our customer service. 




Do not put pHpets® drops undiluted in eyes, mouth or on skin of your pet. In case of contact, rinse well with water. Possible wounds or irritations recover by itself. In case of contact with undiluted drops in eyes, rinse well with water and contact your veterinarian immediately.

What you need to know:
pHpets® drops has a high pH balance. As a result the liquid has a corrosive effect when used undiluted. Please observe the following safety precautions and instructions regarding the bottle:

  • Keep out of reach and sight of children and animals
  • Store separately from eye drops to prevent from risk of misuse
  • Do not keep in your pocket

Ingredients pHpets® Drops 

Active ingredients per 100 ml: 



Calcium (calcium hydroxide) 

 75 mg

Magnesium (Magnesiumhydroxid)

 6 mg

Connections of trace elements:


MZinc (zinc chloride) 

 0,15 mg


Water, acidity regulator (sodium hydroxide), calcium gluconate, magnesium sulfate, zinc sulfate 


Food supplement for animals 

Net content: 40ml 

A bottle receives at least 1030 drops. 

Yield: 4 months* 

* At 2 x daily the recommended amount on 250 ml drinking water 

pHpets® Drops are odorless, colorless and tasteless.  
Your pet does not notice that the drinking water contains pHpets® Drops. 


  • Can my pet also drink alkaline water?

    We have developed special alkaline drops for pets, the pHpets. These drops have the same deacidifying effect as our Alka Drops in humans.

  • What is the difference with the Alka® drops for humans?

    The composition is different. The Alka® Drops contain 2 acidity regulators and the pH Pets contains 1 acidity regulator.

  • What animals are pHpets® Drops suitable for?

    pHpets® drops are made specifically for dogs, cats, rabbits and rodents. pHpets® drops can also be safely used for a large number of other animal species. The pHpets® drops are not suitable for fish and birds. If you want to know whether pHpets® drops are suitable for your pet, you can contact our customer service.

  • Can I also give my pets pure/undiluted drops?

    No, never give your pet undiluted drops! pHpets® is very strongly alkaline (pH 13.5), so that the drinking water of your pet receives the desired pH value after you add the drops. This means the drops are much too strong to consume undiluted. Undiluted drops can lead to things like a strong burning sensation for your animal.

  • What to do if you put too many drops in the water?

    If too many drops are added to the water, the water will become more alkaline than the desired pH value of 10. Ultimately, the taste of the water will change and the chances are that your animal will no longer want to drink it. With drinking water bowls from 250 ml, 1 to 2 drops too much is no problem. With smaller drinking water bowls, or with more too many drops, it is better to change the water and add more drops

  • Can I give my pet alkaline water for preventive purposes?

    Your pet will benefit greatly from drinking alkaline water as a preventive measure. Sooner or later every animal will acidify with all its consequences. De-acidifying on a daily basis to prevent acidic waste accumulations still remains the most effective! Prevention is therefore better than waiting until the animal is acidified.

  • Can my pet taste or smell the pHpets® drops?

    pHpets®​ drops are tasteless, colourless and odourless. Your pet will not notice the drops in its drinking water.

  • How often should I change the drinking water with the pHpets® drops in it?

    If the water with