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Alka® Scrub Pads: 4 Pieces

“Benefit from the purifying effect of the loofah sponge”

Alka® Scrub Pads is a set of 4 high-quality loofah sponges with different surfaces, which have been specially developed for the cleansing and care of the skin. 

  • removes superfluous old skin scales
  • improves the skin structure
  • removes dry skin on the feet and hands
  • suitable for whole body treatments including the face 
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Alka® Scrub Pads: 4 Pieces
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Your perfect sponge for a glowing skin 

Alka® Scrub pads contains 4 high-quality loofah sponges with different surfaces. Every one of these pads have been specially developed for the cleansing and care of the skin. 

Luffa is obtained from sponge pumpkin and is 100% plant-based. As a pure natural product, the sponges are particularly skin-friendly and versatile for skin care. 

The 4 different Alka® peeling pads:

  • Soft cleansing of the face
  • Soft peeling of the skin for a relaxed feeling
  • Invigorating skin scrub to stimulate blood circulation
  • Deep cleaning of feet, heels and calluses

Alka® Scrub pads supports:  

• Stimulation of the excretion of acid waste through the skin, 
• Improvement of the skin structure, 
• Stimulation of blood circulation,, 
• Treatment of cornea on the feet and hands, 
• Removal of unnecessary old skin cells. 


Thanks to the 4 different strengths, there is a suitable peeling pad for every skin area and for every application

In combination with Alka® Bath: 

In combination with the Alka® Bath, these peeling pads offer the perfect alkaline care for skin & soul and provide relaxing wellness moments.



In combination with Alka® Creme: 

After cleansing, the pores are open and the skin is well supplied with blood, this is the perfect time to support your skin for regeneration and care with the alkaline Alka® Creme. 



Clean the loofah pads with hot water after each use to make sure there is no more soap left on them. Allow the loofah pads to dry continuously in a non-damp room with good air circulation. You can clean the loofah pads once a week by putting them in boiling water for a few minutes. 



Do not use the scrub pads on reddened, sensitive or irritated skin. Treat these skin areas first with Alka® Bath and Alka® Creme to support the regeneration of healthy skin.