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Alka Bath: pH Balancing Bath Salts pH 8,5

“Your alkaline bathsalt for a healthy, radiant and soft skin”

Alka® Bath is a uniquely formulated alkaline bath salt that helps the body to remove acid waste. Enjoy alkalizing full baths, hand baths and footbaths with Alka® Bath.

  • For optimal deep cleaning
  • Supports relaxed muscles with calcium and magnesium
  • Stimulates the production of new skin cells
  • Helps remove acidic waste
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Alka® Bath
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What is Alka® Bath?

In many cultures, bathing is a pleasant tradition, a meaningful ritual or a luxury. Bathing is a combination of peace, comfort and warmth. Three things that are becoming increasingly rare in our everyday lives.

Alka® Bath is a special bath salt for enjoying deacidifying full, hand or foot baths. The very rich mineral formula of Alka® Bath gives the bath water an optimal alkaline value of approx. pH 8.5. This gives your skin a deep cleansing. It promotes the removal of acidic waste and stimulates the production of new healthy skin cells. Your skin can breathe again and becomes wonderfully soft.

How does deacidification with Alka® Bath work?

By adding Alka® Bath to your bath water, the water receives an alkaline value of about pH 8.5. The acidic waste materials in your body are transported through the skin through osmotic pressure from the inside to the outside. The acidic waste materials on the skin are neutralized by the alkaline bath water. When the old, acidified skin surface is neutralized with Alka® Bath, the regulating effect of your sebaceous glands can provide a new, optimal build-up of the lowest layer of fat.

Alka® Bath also contains a soothing amount of essential mineral and trace elements that are absorbed through the skin. Your skin receives a deep cleansing and can breathe again.

Treat yourself to the best alkaline care for your skin with Alka® Bath!