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Alka Drops: pH Booster Drops

“Alkalize your body by adding a few pH drops to your drinking water”

Alka® Drops is a unique alkaline mineral extract that when added to drinking water increases its pH value, creating alkaline water.

  • Dissolves acidic waste in your body and joints
  • Alkaline drops for active deacidification
  • The most effective way to create alkaline water
  • 1 bottle is equal to 3 months of daily use
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Alka® Drops
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What is Alka® Drops?

Alka® Drops contains alkaline drops with zinc, which are used for the production of alkaline drinking water. Drinking alkaline water promotes the body's natural sodium bicarbonate production. With the help of this endogenous sodium bicarbonate, acidic waste materials are neutralized and excreted. Zinc supports a healthy acid-base balance.


An easy way to make alkaline water

Alkaline pH drops for deacidification are the most effective way to obtain alkaline drinking water. With his drops it is possible to prepare a big bottle for the day or just one glass of water, whatever suits you and your day the best!

How does deacidification with Alka® Drops work?

Alka® Drops is an alkaline mineral concentrate that is added to drinking water to increase pH. This creates alkaline water. The water with the Alka® drops temporarily changes the acidity in the stomach. Our body quickly corrects this by producing stomach acid again. At the same time, the substance sodium bicarbonate is released into the blood via the stomach wall cells. By the pure addition of sodium bicarbonate, the accumulated waste acids in your body can now be dissolved and neutralized.


For the optimal functioning of the body, it is important to be able to keep the acidity of our body in balance. Our body’s pH value depends on the amount of alkaline and acidic waste substances that are in the body, hence the term acid-base balance. Alka® Drops neutralize the excess waste materials in the body by increasing the alkaline buffer (bicarbonate) in the blood.

You can use Alka® Drops daily to prevent re-accumulation of acid waste. A balance in the acid-base balance increases the resistance of your body and reduces the risk of chronic complaints.


Acid accumulation is the cause of chronic hyperacidity, which can cause numerous health problems. Prevent hyperacidity symptoms with active deacidification of the body.

Deacidification of the body is a natural and gradual process. Some people notice the changes in the body after just one week, others after a few weeks, and still others after a few months. For the best results, you should drink 4 glasses of water daily with Alka® Drops.


  • Shake before use.
  • Open the child-proof cap by pushing the cap of the bottle down and turning it on at the same time.
  • Gently squeeze the bottle and add 4 drops to a glass of water of about 200 ml.
  • Please stir and drink quickly.
  • Preferably drink on an empty stomach.

Tip 1:

If you have problems with drinking 4-5 glasses of water daily, you can combine the Alka® Drops with the Alka® Tabs. In this case, take 2 or 3 glasses of water per day with Alka® Drops and in addition 2 or 3 tablets of Alka® Tabs, this is a good combination to deacidify your body.

Tip 2:

You can also fill a water bottle with water and add 20 drops per liter or 30 drops per 1.5 liters. Ideal for on the go!


What you should know before use:

  • Do not use Alka® drops undiluted!
  • Avoid direct contact with the skin, eyes, tongue or throat. On contact, rinse thoroughly with water.
  • The daily recommended intake should not be exceeded.
  • Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Protect from direct sunlight.
  • Keep closed and out of reach of children


Active ingredients per daily dose (16 drops):




Zinc (from zinc gluconate)

2 mg

20 %

* RDA = Recommended Daily Allowances 


Water, acidity regulators (potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide), zinc gluconate


Free of:

Gluten, dairy, lactose, soy, yeast, egg, sugar, starch, maize, animal ingredients, preservatives, artificial, flavours, colors or sweeteners

Net content:

Each bottle of Alka® Drops contains 55 ml.

That will last for 3 months, when taken in accordance with the recommended daily dosage. 

Food supplement

  • How many drops should I put in my glass?

    4 glasses of water of approximately 250ml with 4 drops daily is the correct dose

  • Can I put more than 4 drops in one glass of water?

    You may put more than 4 drops in one glass of water. If you put more drops in a glass of water, the taste may become slightly more bitter due to the high concentration of minerals. In some cases it is advisable to add more drops, for example when the water from the tap is more acidic (pH value around 6 - 6.5).

  • What is the difference between Alka® Drops and a water ionizer?

    With a water ionizer you can separate tap water by means of electrolysis into acid and alkaline water. You must mount the device to your tap. The problem with a water ionizer is that the obtained pH value is sometimes insufficient for the body to make enough bicarbonate to actively dissolve waste acids (uric acids, cholesterol acids, fatty acids, lactic acids, etc.). With Alka® Drops you can determine the pH value of water yourself by adding more or fewer drops to water.

  • Are there any negative side effects when using Alka® Drops?

    Some people experience mild detoxification symptoms (tiredness, mild headaches) at first. These detoxification symptoms are a sign that the deacidification is starting. They disappear when most of the waste acids have been neutralized and removed from the body.

  • Can I use Alka® Drops as is, or should I first discuss this with my doctor?

    In principle you can use Alka® Drops without the advice of your doctor. However, you can always consult your doctor about the use of Alka® products.

  • How long can I do with a bottle of Alka® Drops?

    When using 16 drops per day (4 glasses with 4 drops per glass) you will do about 3 months with a bottle of Alka® Drops. There are approximately 1,440 drops in one bottle.

  • Can I also use Brita water (water filtered with a Brita filter) in combination with Alka® Drops?

    The Brita filter also filters many minerals, causing the pH value to be slightly lower. To get Brita water alkaline enough you will have to add 1 or 2 extra drops. If necessary, you can use pH strips to measure how many drops should be added to get the pH value of Brita water around 9. (pH value has a logarithmic scale which means that you have to add more and more drops to increase a pH point. From 6 to 7 is faster than from 7 to 8 and from 8 to 9, and so on).

  • Can I use Alka® Drops in (reverse) osmotic or distilled water?

    The answer is yes, but keep the following in mind: (reverse) osmotic water and distilled water is acidic, as this water is so pure that it absorbs carbon dioxide from the air. When you add Alka® drops, the carbon dioxide will act as a buffer, so that the pH value of the water hardly rises. You will therefore have to add more Alka® drops to the water to achieve the desired pH value of> 9. With a pH strip you can measure how many drops you need to add to a glass of distilled / osmotic water to reach a desired pH value.

  • Can children also drink water with Alka® Drops?

    Yes, but adjust the dose for children to 2 glasses of water per day containing 4 Alka® drops.

  • After some time, a white deposit will appear in my glass when I have added Alka® Drops to the water. How is this possible?

    The white deposit that develops after a while is lime scale (calcium carbonate). This process depends on the calcium content in the water and proceeds as follows: by adding Alka® droplets, present calcium reacts with hydroxide ions (OH-) to form calcium hydroxide (CaOH). Calcium hydroxide then reacts with carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air to form calcium carbonate (CaCO3). This forms the white deposit in the glass. Calcium carbonate (lime) is not dangerous, but does not yield much in this form. It does affect the effectiveness as the pH value of the water decreases (OH ions are used in this limescale process). To avoid limescale build-up, keep the basic water closed so that it does not react with CO2 from the air. The fact why this happens more often with some (spring) water than with another is due to the calcium content of the different (spring) waters.

  • What is the difference between Alka® Tabs and Alka® Drops?

    The difference between Alka® Drops and Alka® Tabs is that with Alka® Drops the body itself produces bicarbonate via the stomach wall cells, Alka® Tabs contains bicarbonate that only dissolves in the intestines and is absorbed into the blood via the intestinal wall (so direct versus indirect supply of bicarbonate).

  • Is it possible to boil alkaline water? Does it still remain alkaline after cooking?

    Yes, alkaline water with Alka® Drops in it can then be boiled without affecting the pH value.

  • Can I combine Alka® Drops with Alka® Tabs?

    Alka® Drops can be combined with Alka® Tabs. Both products have the same goal: deacidification by adding bicarbonate to the body. The difference is that they do this in a different way. Alka® Tabs contains bicarbonate. Alka® Drops ensure that the body itself produces extra bicarbonates. A combination increases the dosage of bicarbonates and accelerates the deacidification process.

  • Can Alka® Drops also be used in other drinks?

    Alka® Drops can also be added to the tea or coffee to slightly increase the quality, so that it makes your body less acidic. This is independent of the amount of glasses of water or Alka® Tea with drops that you should drink daily. You can also heat the water without harming the effect, but as soon as you start mixing it with sugar (lemonade syrup) you will acidify the water again. Pure spring / tap water with Alka® Drops is most effective for your body.

  • When do I use the combination of Alka® Tabs Calcium and Alka® Drops?

    If you cannot use potassium due to the pursuit of a very constant potassium level (with heart medication), we recommend the Alka® Tabs Calcium in combination with Alka® Drops. In addition, people with osteoporosis or a calcium deficiency can also use the best Alka® Tabs Calcium in combination with Alka® Drops.

  • It is recommended to use Alka® Drops on an empty stomach. What is meant by as empty as possible?

    An empty stomach with Alka® Drops means about 20 minutes before a meal or 1½ to 2 hours after a meal.

  • Can I deacidify if I have a stoma?

    If you have a stoma we recommend Alka® Drops as they have their effect in the stomach, via the stomach wall cells.

  • Should I use spring water or tap water for Alka® Drops?

    Spring water is often acidic and has a pH value between 6 and 7. You should then add more Alka® drops (5 to 6 instead of 4) to increase the pH value to 9 - 10. We recommend tap water as its pH value is higher than 7. If you add 4 Alka® drops to tap water, this will lead to a pH value between 9 to 10.

  • Can I also drink Alka® Drops as a preventive?

    You can drink Alka® Drops to prevent acidification. From the age of 40, your body will make less active bicarbonate, which means that waste products and accumulated acids are removed to a lesser extent. Daily deacidification to prevent acidic waste accumulation is still the best.

  • Can Alka® Drops also be put in a one litre bottle?

    That is certainly possible, but always drink a full glass from it. When you take a sip each time, not enough bicarbonate is produced by the body. Bicarbonate is the substance that ensures the deacidification.

This page contains information about nutritional supplements that can be used as a supplement to a diet. Food supplements are not medicines but are intended to support your health. Any advice is entirely without obligation and is exclusively in the field of nutrition and nutritional supplements. If you are physically ill, consult a (natural) doctor or therapist.