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Alka® Deo: pH Balancing Deo pH 8.2

“Alka® Deo, the deodorant that is alkaline, vegan & natural!”

Alka® Deo combines the skin care of Alka® Cream with a natural, alkaline deodorant and is therefore different from current deodorants and antiperspirants.

  • Natural odor neutralization due to alkaline pH value 8.2
  • Full with nourishing oils, butters and alkaline ingredients
  • Unisex, a fresh scent for everyone
  • The skincare of Alka® Cream in a hygienic deo stick
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Alka® Deo
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The power of Alka® Deo

Alka® Deo combines the unique skin care of our popular Alka® Cream with a natural, alkaline deodorant and is therefore different from current deodorants and anti-perspirants.

With an alkaline pH of 8.2, Alka® Deo combats unpleasant odours by neutralising the acidic waste produced by bacteria under the armpit. In addition, magnesium and vegetable zinc also provide effective odour neutralisation, without closing up the skin.

Alka® Deo cares for and nourishes your skin with all kinds of delicious oils, butters, and alkaline minerals. Your armpits and skin can breathe healthily without any unpleasant odours.

The advantages of Alka® Deo

  • Alkaline (pH 8.2)
  • Aluminium-free
  • Natural
  • Vegan
  • Caring
  • Nourishing
  • Him & Her
  • All skin types

Alka® Deo wins the Dutch Beauty Award 2023!

This year the Dutch Beauty Awards were presented in the beautiful Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam, where we met with all other brands for this special occasion.
We are honored that our alkaline Alka® Deo has been awarded 1st place by the professional jury of beauty experts and want to share their report with you:

The jury report:

Winner in the Body (skin) Care category is the Alka® Deo, an alkaline and natural Deodorant Stick.

The jury appreciates the natural ingredients in which there is no room for aluminum or baking soda. Alka® Deo does not camouflage odors but neutralizes them with a deacidifying cocktail of alkaline ingredients, butters and oils. The deo softens and protects naturally and that is a reassuring feeling on all fronts.

Never before has a deodorant been so complete!

Natural & skin friendly

The unique and alkaline formula is natural, contains vegetable alcohols, and is free of aluminium, parabens, dyes, and animal ingredients.

Get rid of unpleasant odours

Alka® Deo is alkaline and prevents the development of unpleasant odours, thanks to its high pH value combined with vegetable zinc. At the same time, Alka Deo® cares and nourishes your skin with the best natural oils, butters, and other alkaline ingredients.

Gender neutral

Alka® Deo is gender neutral. The fresh scent will not stop anyone from using it!

Alka® Cream in Alka® Deo

Alka® Cream is an alkaline cream whose unique composition has been specially developed for the alkaline care of the normal and sensitive skin. By combining Alka® Cream with the properties of an alkaline deodorant, we have created a super nourishing deodorant. 

Suitable for sensitive skin

The formula contains no allergens and has been developed for all skin types. The natural oils and butters make Alka® Deo particularly skin-friendly and suitable for sensitive skin.


Instructions for use:

Turn the bottom of the stick to extract the Alka® Deo. Apply it evenly on dry armpits. Close the cap tightly after use.

Note: do not turn the stick back down after use.


The room temperature can influence the consistency of Alka® Deo. If the temperature is low, the stick can become harder and more difficult to spread. In this case hold Alka® Deo against your armpit for 10 seconds. Due to the temperature of your body, the deodorant will become softer again. This makes it easy to spread the Alka® Deo.

For whom is Alka® Deo suitable?

Alka® Deo is suitable for every body and every armpit. Everyone perspires and develops perspiration odours from puberty onwards, some more than others. Alka® Deo has a soft, gender-neutral scent and can be used by both young people and adults.

Alka® Deo is vegan and natural. The animal-friendly deodorant is therefore also suitable for vegans and animal lovers.


Is Alka® Deo also suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, it is. The formula contains no allergens and is designed for all skin types. The alkaline pH value of 8.2 makes Alka® Deo particularly skin-friendly.

An alkaline environment is like a beneficial oasis for your skin, where it can renew itself best, does not dry out, and where harmful bacteria do not feel at home.

The combination of antioxidants, natural oils, and butters in Alka® Deo provide an antibacterial, but also a soothing and protective effect. These properties also make Alka® Deo ideal for use on sensitive and problem skin.



The valuable ingredients in Alka® Deo:


Restores the natural pH value. It has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect and promotes the production of new skin cells.

Olive oil

Is rich in antioxidants. It contains a lot of vitamin E and helps against skin aging. Restores, nourishes, and protects.

Jojoba oil

Is rich in antioxidants. It contains a lot of vitamin E and healthy fatty acids. Works anti-inflammatory.

Coconut oil

Contains lauric acid. Has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Also has a healing effect.

Sunflower oil

Rich in vitamin E, it’s a powerful antioxidant and prevents skin aging.

Sweet almond oil

Has a calming and soothing effect. It contains riboflavin (vitamin B2), which is important for your body and skin.

Shea butter

Contains vitamins A and E and is a natural antioxidant. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Olive wax

Provides soft, nourishing skin. It protects the skin from unwanted bacteria.

Sunflower wax

Nourishes the skin and protects it from drying out. It’s also a powerful antioxidant.

Carnauba wax

Soothes and protects the skin from external influences.


Protects the skin from free radicals. It also restores the natural balance of the skin.

Coenzyme Q10

Is a powerful antioxidant that prevents skin aging.

Vegetable zinc

Neutralises bacteria so it prevents unpleasant odours. Has a restorative effect and contributes to the process of cell renewal.

Vitamin E

Supports the skin’s barrier function and protects cells from free radicals.


Free of:

aluminium, parabens, dyes and animal ingredients.


Net content:

Available in 25 ml and 75 ml packaging.


  • For whom is Alka Deo suitable?

    Alka® Deo is suitable for every body and armpit. Everyone sweats and develops the smell of sweat from puberty on, some more than others. By choosing to produce Alka® Deo with a soft smell, we offer you a gender-neutral deodorant that can be used by both adolescents and adults.

    Alka® Deo is vegan and has not been tested on animals, so the deodorant is suitable for vegans and animal lovers.

  • Can I use Alka Deo even if I have skin problems?

    Alka® Deo can also be used when you have skin problems or sensitive skin. The high pH value makes it particularly skin-friendly. An alkaline environment is like an oasis of well-being for our skin, allowing hydration and rejuvenation while preventing the growth of harmful bacteria. The formula contains no allergens, the  natural oils and alkaline ingredients make Alka® Deo particularly skin-friendly.

  • What does Alka Deo smell like?

    We chose to produce Alka® Deo with a light, fresh and gentle smell that reminds us of coconuts, lily of the valley and almonds.

  • My deodorant stick is hard  and difficult to use

    The ambient temperature can affect the spread ability of your Alka® Deo. If the temperature is low, the stick may be a bit hard and a little more difficult to use.  If Alka® Deo is held against the armpit for 10 seconds, the temperature of your body makes it softer again. This little trick allows you to use Alka® Deo easily.

  • Are natural deodorants really better?

    "Better" is a serious word, but if you ask us and our customers, then yes! Alka® Deo is a natural anti-odorant that keeps your armpits fresh and uses only the power of nature.

    With Alka® Deo we want to offer you an alkaline alternative to the normal deodorant: super effective, very alkaline and developed for the wellbeing of your skin and your body. Alka® Deo is not like other natural deodorants: it neutralizes bacteria to prevent the development of unwanted odors while protecting and nurturing your skin.

  • Why do normal deodorants  cause stains on  my  clothes?

    Spoiler alert: It's the aluminum! Alka® Deo is 100% aluminum free; So there are no stains.

    But back to the beginning: Why do stains occur at all? Honestly, deodorants do not cause stains if they are really ONLY deodorant. These stains occur when  the proteins in your sweat react with aluminum (chloride) and other chemicals in your antiperspirant.

  • Why do most manufacturers use aluminum?

    Due to the aluminum connections, the cells in our welding ducts swell and prevent sweat from being released.

    Alka® Deo is neither an antiperspirant nor does it contain aluminum.

  • I am pregnant. Is it safe to use Alka Deo?

    First of all, congratulations from all of us at Alka!!

    Second, even more good news: Alka® Deo is 100% natural and completely harmless. It does not contain any ingredients that can harm you, your body or your baby.

    However, since most pregnant women want to be especially sure which products they use, it's important that you know: Alka® Deo contains no nanoparticles: nothing gets into your body. It stays on the outer layer of your skin.

    In addition, due to the lack of aluminum, Alka ® Deo does not block pores or glands, so your body's natural temperature regulation is preserved.

    And if you want to be double or even triple safe, you can check the ingredients of Alka® Deo on our website to see if there is anything there that you might be allergic or sensitive to.

  • Should I expect a detox phase when I switch to a natural deodorant?

    We recommend trying Alka® Deo for at least two weeks. If you have used an antiperspirant, your body has to excrete the aluminum salts that clog the pores under your to function normally again.

  • Can I use the deodorant on sensitive skin?

    Yes. Our formula has been developed for all skin types and the high pH value makes it particularly skin-friendly. An alkaline environment is like an oasis of well-being for our skin, allowing hydration and rejuvenation while preventing the growth of harmful bacteria.

  • Are all deodorants vegan and cruelty free?

    No, not all deodorants and antiperspirants are vegan (and/or cruelty free).

    It's easy to check if your deodorant is vegan. Take your stick or spray can and look for one of the following ingredients:

    • Lanolin
    • Glycerol
    • Oleic acid (a.k.a. Oleyl stearate, oleyl ,oleate or tallow)
    • Stearic acid
    • Elastin

    If you find one of them in the synopsis, you are NOT holding a vegan deodorant in your hand.

    By the way: There are great vegan alternatives for all these ingredients, so they are really not necessary.

    Another thing: There is also some confusion about the fact that vegan products are equal to cruelty free. However, there are vegan products that are still being tested on animals.  Conversely, being cruelty free does not guarantee that a product is vegan.

    With Alka® Deo you don't have to worry: Alka® Deo is vegan and cruelty free. Exclusively tested on human armpits.