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Alka Tabs Calcium: alkaline capsules with Calcium

“Double effect: deacidification and calcium supplement in just 1 capsule”

Alka® Tabs Calcium gastro-resistant capsules help you to alkalize your body and give it extra calcium at the same time.

  • Contributes to a healthy acid-base balance
  • Helps maintain strong bones
  • With gastro-resistant capsule
  • Supports the healthy functioning of digestive enzyme
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Alka® Tabs Calcium
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Why deacidify your body and supplement calcium?

Our modern lifestyle, affected by stress, lack of sleep and use of medication, can lead to a high level of acidic waste products inside our bodies. When these products are not fully processed and excreted, they are stored and the body slowly acidifies.

When this happens, our body starts to extract calcium from our organs as an emergency solution to bind excessive acids. As a result, our body not only slowly acidifies but also creates a calcium deficiency.

If we want our bodies to function optimally, we not only need a healthy acid-base balance but also enough calcium. Deacidifying your body with Alka® Tabs Calcium helps to achieve that. 

How does the Alka® Tabs Calcium work?

With Alka® Tabs Calcium, you can give your body extra calcium while countering the root cause of a calcium deficiency by deacidifying your body at the same time.

These Tabs neutralise acidic waste and dissolve all stored acids in the body that cause problems while they also restore the healthy calcium levels in the body.



What additional benefits does Alka® Tabs Calcium offer?

Deacidifying your body with Alka® Tabs Calcium:
• contributes to a healthy acid-base balance
• helps to maintain strong bones and teeth
• supports a healthy digestive system
• helps to strengthen the muscles
• activates the natural energy level in the body
• supports the immune system

You will feel healthier, fitter, and more energised.

What makes the Tabs unique?

The enteric coated capsules have a time-release function so the ingredients don’t get into contact with gastric juices. The capsules gradually dissolve in the intestines where the calcium carbonate converts to bicarbonates and active calcium ions that are very effectively absorbed by the intestinal wall. The bicarbonates in the body then neutralise the acidic waste products while the calcium ions supplement all deposits.


Small dosage, major effect

Thanks to the effective absorption of active calcium ions and the immediate tackling of the cause of the calcium deficiency, you only need a small amount of calcium to experience all the great benefits.

  • people who want to support the formation of bone tissue
  • women going through menopause
  • people who want to stay active and strong
  • people experiencing health problems caused by acidification
  • people who want to support their immune system

How to use Alka® Tabs Calcium?

Take 1 capsule two times daily, just before, during or after a meal. The recommended dose for children from the age of 12 is 1 capsule per day.


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Instructions for use:

Preferably take immediately before, during or after a meal, unchewed with water. 




In case of swallowing problems it is recommended to take the capsules only after meals. Moreover, swallowing with fruit juice can make swallowing easier.




  • The recommended daily intake should not be exceeded.
  • Food supplements are no substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Store in a dry place at room temperature.
  • Keep out of reach of children

Alka® Tabs Calcium ingredients

Active ingredients per daily dose (2 capsules):




Calcium (from calcium carbonate)

600 mg


Zinc (from zinc citrate)

1,5 mg


* RDA = Recommended Daily Allowances


calcium carbonate, enteric coated vegetarian capsule (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, pectin), rice fibre, rice flour, zink citrate

Free of:

gluten, dairy, lactose, soy, yeast, egg, sugar, maize, animal ingredients, colours


1 packaging of Alka® Tabs Calcium contains 60 capsules (3 blisters x 20 capsules)

Net content: 54,9 g

Food supplement


  • What is the difference between Alka® Tabs Calcium, Alka® Tabs Magnesium and Alka® Tabs Original?

    Alka® Tabs Calcium consists of calcium carbonate in pure form. The tablet dissolves in the intestines and enters the blood through the intestinal wall. There, by reaction with carbonic acid, calcium carbonate is converted into calcium bicarbonate, thereby increasing the basic buffers. Pure ionized calcium is also added to the body, which is good for the bones. Alka® Tabs Original is a tablet that already consists of sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate. This is directly absorbed into the blood via the intestinal wall. For people who are not allowed to have sodium or potassium, or people who suffer from osteoporosis, Alka® Tabs Calcium is a good choice. Alka® Tabs Magnesium consists of magnesium carbonate in pure form. The tablet dissolves in the intestines and enters the blood through the intestinal wall. There, by reaction with carbonic acid, the magnesium carbonate is converted into magnesium bicarbonate, whereby the basic buffers are increased. Pure ionized magnesium is also added to the body. Alka® Tabs Magnesium is a good choice for stress, muscle complaints or insomnia.

  • Which of the three types of tablets is the best deacidifying agent? Alka® Tabs Calcium, Alka® Tabs Magnesium or Alka® Tabs Original?

    It doesn't matter which shape you choose. The deacidifying effect of all 3 types is the same. The composition is different because some people prefer to get more calcium or more magnesium. If you would like to know which tablet suits you best, please contact our coaches.

  • What makes Alka® Tabs Calcium better than other calcium tablets?

    Alka® Tabs Calcium has a gastro-resistant coating that ensures that calcium carbonate is not already neutralized by the stomach acid. In addition, Alka® Tabs Calcium has a time-dependent release, which means that calcium carbonate dissolves dosed in the intestines. Alka® Tabs Calcium is made up of pure ionized calcium. Many other calcium tablets contain impurities which have a negative effect when they are absorbed into the blood. The purity of a calcium tablet is important for long-term health.

  • Can I use Alka® Tabs Calcium as is, or should I first discuss this with my doctor?

    In principle, you can use Alka® Tabs Calcium without the advice of your doctor. However, you can always consult your doctor about the use of Alka® products.

  • When do I use the combination Alka® Tabs Calcium and Alka® Drops?

    If you cannot use potassium due to the pursuit of a very constant potassium level (with heart medication), we recommend the Alka® Tabs Calcium in combination with Alka® Drops. In addition, people with osteoporosis or a calcium deficiency can also use the best Alka® Tabs Calcium in combination with Alka® Drops.

  • Are children allowed to use Alka® Tabs Calcium?

    Children from 12 years are allowed 1 tablet of Alka® Tabs Calcium per day.

  • Can I use Alka® Tabs Calcium permanently or do I need to take a break now and then?

    Acidification and deacidification is a continuous process. You can permanently deacidify. When the symptoms improve, you can keep a lower dose.

  • how does a good combination of Alka® Tabs Calcium and Alka® Drops looks like?

    2 or 3 glasses of water with alkaline drops in combination with 2 or 3 tablets of Alka® Tabs Calcium is a great way to deacidify your body

This page contains information about nutritional supplements that can be used as a supplement to a diet. Food supplements are not medicines but are intended to support your health. Any advice is entirely without obligation and is exclusively in the field of nutrition and nutritional supplements. If you are physically ill, consult a (natural) doctor or therapist.