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Alka Massage Brush

“Your full body brush for healthy, firm and beautiful skin”

The Alka® Massage Brush is a handy wooden brush that has been specially developed for dry and wet brushing of the body.  

Ideal in combination with Alka® Bath or Alka® Creme. 

  • stimulates blood circulation
  • improves skin structure
  • tightens connective tissue
  • removes superfluous skin cells
  • stimulates skin regeneration 
  • supports the excretion of acidic waste through the skin 
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Alka® Massage brush
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Your basic bathing ritual 

Since ancient times brush massages were used, among other things, to strengthen the body. They were also a beloved ritual when bathing the children. Nowadays, they are an important part of wellness offers and the relaxing bath at home. 

Whether dry or wet, body brushing is a simple but important care that has a positive effect on our body and skin. 

The Alka® Massage Brush is a practical wooden brush, which has been specially developed for the dry and wet brushing of the body. 


Brushing your skin can: 

  • support the excretion of acidic waste materials through the skin, 
  • stimulate blood circulation, 
  • improve the skin structure, 
  • tighten the connective tissue, 
  • remove superfluous skin cells,
  • stimulate the regeneration of the skin, 
  • make an orange skin firmer again. 

Due to the nubs located in the brush bed, an excellent depth effect can be achieved, which has a relaxing and soothing effect on the body. 

The Alka® Massage Brush is a practical wooden brush, which has been specially developed for the dry and wet brushing of the body. 

Wet brushing 

The wet brushing in combination with the Alka® Bath offers the perfect alkaline care for skin & soul. Among other things, you support the skin in the excretion of excess acids and enjoy relaxing wellness moments. 

To get a better start into the day and awaken your hands & feet you can apply the brushing ritual in the mornings with cold water. However if you want to relax and sooth your senses it is advised to brush your skin while taking a warm bath, preferably prepared with an alkaline bath salt.  

Skin care after wet brushing: 

The skin is cleansed of dead skin cells and the excess acid waste on the skin is removed, now the skin can regenerate and restore its own shine. Support your skin with the Alka® Creme to provide it with the perfect care.  

Dry brushing 

The ritual of dry brushing should  be performed with heartward-directed circular movements. This stimulates blood circulation and the excretion of acidic waste.  

Dry brushing is particularly suitable for morning grouches. Incontrast to wet brushing, a stimulus is exerted on dry skin here. A slight redness is the desired reaction. Dry brushing has a very stimulating effect and is not tolerated by everyone in the evening. One starts at a distance from the heart, such as on the right sole of the foot and brushes with a slight pressure in circular movements heart wards. 

Skin care after dry brushing 

The skin is well supplied with blood after this kind of brushing, the pores are open and therefore particularly receptive for care. A warm Alka® Bath with nourishing oils and minerals is then ideal, as the already opened pores can absorb nourishing active ingredients particularly well. But even a short shower with cold water can form the perfect conclusion to dry brushing, because the cold water closes the pores again and additionally tightens the connective tissue. 


The unloved orange skin can also be positively influenced by regular skin brushing. An acid-base cure, in combination with the intensive alkaline body care and a predominantly alkaline diet with many alkaline minerals, can help to dissolve deposited acids, support the skin in the excretion of these acids and at the same time strengthen the tissue. 


Do not brush over-reddened, sensitive or irritated skin, first care for these skin areas with Alka® Bath and Alka® Creme to support the regeneration of healthy skin.