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Discover the taste of herbs

Our alkaline Alka® Tea is very popular. Not only is it refreshingly delicious, it is also suitable for any time of day and contains no fewer than 52 (alkaline) herbs. Herbs are among the most alkaline foods.

But what does it actually mean that tea is “alkaline”?
Whether a food is acidic or alkaline depends on the remaining product after combustion. Did you know that a lemon tastes sour, but is still very alkaline?
And Alka® Tea is an alkaline and natural tea.

✔️100% natural and mild in taste
✔️Suitable for any time of day, without caffeine and tannic acid
✔️Particularly rich in antioxidants
✔️and much more...


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Alka® Deo, the deodorant that is alkaline, vegan & natural!

Alka® Deo combines the unique skin care of our popular Alka® Cream with a natural, alkaline deodorant and is therefore different from current deodorants and anti-perspirants.

With an alkaline pH of 8.2, Alka® Deo combats unpleasant odours by neutralising the acidic waste produced by bacteria under the armpit. In addition, magnesium and vegetable zinc also provide effective odour neutralisation, without closing up the skin.

Read more about the effects and benefits of Alka® Deo

Start the day with over 30 additional nutrients

Start the day with Alka® Greens. This way you get lots of important nutrients within 30 seconds. This smoothie is a powerful blend of vegetables, fruits, grass sprouts, algae, herbs, fiber and lactic acid bacteria in powder form.

Simply mix 1 bag with water and you're done!

Alka® Greens: ⁠

✔️Contributes to normal acid-base metabolism 1
✔️Contributes to normal energy metabolism2
✔️Helps reduce tiredness and fatigue3
✔️Contributes to the normal function of the immune system4
✔️and much more...

1) Zinc, 2) Vitamin B3, 3) Vitamin B12, 4) Vitamin B6


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