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Safe online shopping

It goes without saying that you want to make online purchases on a platform that is safe and secured. In pursuance of this goal, Alka has taken the necessary security measures, so you can shop with ease of mind.

Secured pages

During the payment process, from the moment we inquire about personal information, we automatically switch over to secured webpages. You’re able to recognize secured webpages through the “green lock” and the “https” in the address bar. When we’re talking about an https-connection we’re talking about a connection that encrypts data, which prevents this data from being hacked or read without the encryption key.

Certification marks

AlkaVitae is certified by online business registrars such as Becommerce and Thuiswinkel waarborg. These online registrars only provide certifications to companies that have the proper documentation and a good track record.     

Feedback company

AlkaVitae is affiliated with the Feedback company, which is one of the largest e-com review aggregators in the world. On our dedicated Feedback company page you’ll find thousands of customer reviews pertaining to our service and the overall customer experience. Within a few days of placing your order via the Alka web shop, you’ll be contacted by the Feedback company with a request to review the order and delivery process.

We appreciate any and all comments you can share about your experience with Alka, on the Feedback company page. We can use this feedback to improve upon our service and products.

In the unforeseen event that you’re experiencing issues with your order or package, we urge you to seek support through the proper channels (customer service). We won’t be able to respond to your question or comment in a timely fashion if you’re reaching out via the Feedback company. That’s because the main function of the Feedback company is to collect customer reviews and it is thus not a proper communication channel supported by our customer service representatives.