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Alkaline is better than pH-neutral

You have 1 skin. Take good care of it.


Why alkaline is better than pH-neutral

Our skin is our largest organ. We only have one. We also call it our third kidney. When the body is no longer able to excrete (excess) acidic waste via the kidneys, intestines, lungs and liver, the skin takes over. Too much acidic waste in the skin layers increases acidity, which can cause skin problems.

Why alkaline skincare is healthy for your skin

Few people know that alkaline skincare is essential for a healthy skin. Our skin continuously produces new skin cells. As a result, everyone has a completely new skin every month. A proper acidity level is needed for that process to run smoothly. The top part of the skin, the epidermis, consists of five layers. The outside must be slightly acidic to protect us, the bottom layer must be alkaline for the production of new skin cells.

Slightly acidic surface = protection

The top layer of the epidermis is the stratum corneum. This is the layer that we can all see as the surface of our skin. This layer should be slightly acidic to protect the skin from intruders. The optimum pH value for this is approx. 5.5. However, when the stratum corneum becomes more acidic, a perfect breeding ground for fungi and bad bacteria is created. This can lead to skin problems (acidification complaints).

The deepest alkaline layer = skin renewal

The production of new skin cells takes place in the deepest layer of the epidermis, the basal layer, also the stratum basale. These skin cells then move upwards to form our new skin. Research has shown that the pH value of the basal layer must be alkaline for skin renewal, ideally between 7.5 and 8.5. If this environment is more acidic than it should, the skin renewal process is disrupted. New skin cells then ripen or die too quickly.

Too acidic

Because the body removes acidic waste through the skin as well, the epidermis becomes acidic. In addition, the use of skin care products also affects all layers of the epidermis. When care products have a too low (acidic) pH value, they contribute to further acidification.

pH skin neutral is not the same as pH neutral

When a skincare product is called pH neutral for the skin, it is meant that the pH value of the product is equal to the pH value of the surface of the skin (pH 5.5). This basically means that pH neutral products are not neutral at all, but acidic.

Alkaline is better 

Alka® skin care products are alkaline. They neutralize acidic waste and support the correct acidity of your skin with specially adjusted pH values.
This way your skin is protected and can regenerate and repair well.


An overview of our alkaline skin care products:

Alka® Bath

Alka® Bath is a uniquely formulated alkaline bath salt that helps the body to remove acid waste. Enjoy alkalizing full baths, hand baths and footbaths with Alka® Bath.

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Alka® Crème

With an alkaline pH-value of 8.2 Alka® Crème supports the healthy pH-value of the skin by neutralising the acid waste.

Available in a 50 ml or 150 ml tube

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Alka® Deo

The deodorant that is alkaline, vegan & natural!

Alka® Deo combines the skin care of Alka® Crème with a natural, alkaline deodorant and is therefore different from current deodorants and antiperspirants.

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The perfect addition to your bathing ritual

We live in a society where we are increasingly occupied with all kinds of obligations and responsibilities that time for yourself is wasted. Fatigue and stress are reaccuring almost on a daily base. And stress is a major cause of body acidification. It is important to schedule me-time regularly. A bath ritual can help with this.


Alka® Massage Brush

The Alka® Massage Brush is a handy wooden brush specially developed for dry and wet brushing of the body. Wet or dry skin brushing is a simple but important care that has many benefits.

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Alka® Scrub pads

Alka® Scrub Pads consist of 4 Loofah scrub sponges, each with a different structure. They have been specially developed for cleansing and caring of the skin. Loofah is 100% natural and is extracted from a cucumber-like zucchini plant. As a natural product, the sponges are particularly skin-friendly and versatile for use in skin care.

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Alka® Face masks

Alka® Face Mask is made from 100% cotton and has been specially developed for facial cleansing and care. Due to the daily removal of acidic waste through the skin, many pores become clogged and the skin becomes too acidic. The fleece face masks are used in combination with Alka® Bath. Soaked in Alka® bath water with natural ingredients, the face mask nourishes and mineralizes facial skin.

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Treat yourself with best alkaline skincare!