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Discover the power of alkaline herbs

Herbs are known as natural helpers in the kitchen and the household but for their benefits with certain health issues. Herbs and spices not only offer a variety of tastes in the diet, but also provide the body with numerous ingredients that can have a positive effect on health. They are among the strongest alkaline foods and can thus positively support the acid-base balance of the body1.

The phytochemicals contained in the herbs provide the body with many different health benefits. For example, they can stimulate the excretion of acids through the kidneys and urinary tract 1, can contribute to a healthy bladder and urinary tract system 2, support good digestion 3, help support the immune system with the help of the natural antioxidants they contain4, support a healthy body weight5 and contribute to more energy 6

On this page you will find 52 different herbs, which are all alkaline and in combination lay the foundation for a delicious and alkaline herbal tea.

1) Fennel, mate leaves, lovage, raspberry leaves, queck root 2) dandelion root, field horsetail, field herb 3) chamomile, raspberry leaves, peppermint leaves 4) turmeric, black elderberry, rosemary, chamomile, thyme 5) mate leaves, black elderberry, queck root 6) ashwagandha, ginger

1 Agrimony

2 Anise

3 Ashwagandha roots

4 Black pepper

5 Blackberry leaves

6 Calendula flowers

7 Caraway fruits

8 Chamomile flowers

9 Cinnamon bark

10 Clove buds

11 Coriander fruits

12 Couch grass rhizome

13 Dandelion roots

14 Dill fruits

15 Elderberry flowers

16 Eucalyptus leaves

17 Fenugreek seeds

18 Garlic granules

19 Ginger root

20 Goldenrod

21 Horsetail

22 Lady's mantle

23 Lavender flowers

24 Lemon peels

25 Lemon pieces

26 Lime flowers

27 Lovage leaves

28 Lungwort

29 Marshmallow roots

30 Mate leaves

31 Meadowsweet

32 Melissa leaves

33 Nettle leaves

34 Oregano

35 Parsley

36 Peppermint leaves

37 Raspberry leaves

38 Ribwort plantain

39 Rose flowers

40 Rosemary leaves

41 Sage leaves

42 Savory<