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This is why your muscles acidify during a workout

It’s beneficial for you to exercise each day for half an hour. One person exercises more intensively than the other. And some days we feel fine after a workout and some days we can hardly move due to muscle pain. We’ve all had that feeling one time or another. Muscle pain is caused by acidification.

Effect on your acid-base balance

During physical exercise, the muscles burn more nutrients than they normal do. The heart has to pump much harder to meet the demand for oxygen and nutrients.

Over time, the constant physical strain results in an insufficient supply of oxygen, so that combustion can hardly take place. During this phase, lactic acid is released as the body burns sugars to provide the increased energy requirement. The lactic acids accumulate in the body and muscles causing them to acidify. Exercise changes the acid-base balance. After exercise, take a rest and neutralize the build-up of lactic acids by providing the body with alkaline minerals.


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