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About Alka

Alka balance The search for a solution

The best concepts and ideas arise during the search for a solution to a personal problem. This is exactly how Alka® was created.

The search for a solution to health problems such as chronic fatigue, aching muscles and joints and lack of energy led to a new perspective on health: the acid-base concept and the acid-base balance.

One of the most important requirements for a good health, is a steady acidic waste and alkaline balance  within the body. At the same time, an imbalance (acidification) causes a lot of complaints. This insight, combined with the acid-base concept, was the foundation for the company AlkaVitae® and the Alka® product line.

With the unique, original and partly patented Alka® products you can safely de-acidify your body. It will help to remove acidic waste from the body, which results in the support of healthy organs, the immune system and the physical and mental energy levels.


The road from idea to reality:

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Who we are

We are Peter-Ernst Ohms and Willem-jan Wijnstra. After using these new health insights to develop a first series of products, we have established our company AlkaVitae® International B.V. This was the first step that enabled us to start producing high-quality alkaline products.

In 2020 our company existed 10 years. We are proud to have been able to help so many people over the years and we are still very dedicated to our vision, which is: developing and offering products that supports the deacidification of the body.

To that end, every day we work with a team of experienced and skilled employees. In addition, we have a large partner network of health stores, health practitioners and therapists who helps us with professional advice and with the sale of Alka products to our customers.


Alkaline products for every situation and need

Do you have health problems due to chronic acidification? Are you a (fanatic) athlete where acidification of the muscles often leads to limiting results? Or do you feel healthy and simply want to stay healthy and energetic? At Alka you can find the right alkaline product that meets your needs.

Our alkaline products are divided into three different categories:

  • Food supplements for deacidification
  • Alkaline nutrition and tea
  • Alkaline skin care products

Our team of specialized Alka® Coaches is happy to assist you in choosing the right, or right combination of products.


This matters to us

Quality Our quality promise

The quality of our products, good personal advice and friendly service is very important to us. It’s the foundation of our quality promise, which has our full attention all the time.

  • High-quality products: For us, quality is much more than just the self-evident compliance with all standards, norms and strict European directives. The origin of the ingredients, the sustainability of the products and an environmentally friendly production process are equal important to us.
  • Good advice Good advice: We know how important expert advice is when it comes to health. Every person is unique and everyone's health situation is different. We are happy to provide you with appropriate advice for your personal situation and needs.

Alka® Coaches are specialized in the field of acid-base balance and body de-acidification. The team consists of experts with various qualifications, including orthomolecular supplementation, basic medical knowledge and digital health advice. Thanks to these wide range of expertise, we are able to provide you with adequate advice in almost any situation.

  • Friendly service Friendly service: Our service does not end with the purchase of our products. Even after your purchase, we are at your service if you have any questions left about the delivery of your order, about our products or about how to use them. We are not satisfied until you are.


Internationally active

We operate within Europe

AlkaVitae has been stationed in Eindhoven, The Netherlands since it was founded. This is the place where we started developing the first products in 2008 and have been selling them from 2010 ever since. We have grown into an internationally operating company with a team of 24 highly-driven people.


Availability of our products Availability of our products

In the UK the Alka® products are available at health stores. However, when you’re not able to travel you can also order Alka® products easily and quickly straight from your kitchen table in our online shop.