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Are you a fan of Alka and would you like nothing more than to share our products with as many people as possible? Then sign up to our affiliate program! In doing so, you’ll earn a commission for each purchase made via your unique affiliate link.

This is wat you need to know

Due to the fact that we stock inventory in our own warehouse, we’re able to dispatch and deliver packages promptly. Our main channels of distribution are offline retailers and our online web shop, with an emphasis on the latter. This allows for very high conversion rates. Moreover, we track cookies for a maximum of 30 days, which means you’ll earn a commission if the customer purchases within 30 days of using your link.

USP’s for you and the customer

  • High commissions;
  • High conversion rates;
  • Multiple payment methods;
  • No shipping costs (on orders over £19,95);
  • Impeccable service (9,4 via feedback company);
  • Personal coaching and advice available through our Alka Healthline and customer service channels.

Target audience

Alka directly and indirectly markets to 3 distinct target audiences:

  • People with health problems due to an acidified body;
  • (Elite) Athletes;
  • People who are healthy but acknowledge the importance of a healthy acid base balance and want to preemptively address the acidification issue.


Search engine marketing and monetization is explicitly prohibited in this campaign.

Google Shopping
Promotions via Google Shopping are explicitly prohibited in this campaign.

Cashback- and reward sites
Cashback- and reward sites are explicitly prohibited in this campaign.

Coupon code sites
Coupon code sites are explicitly prohibited in this campaign.



You’ll find a clear overview of the commission structure within TradeTracker.


Apply now

Click on the link below to apply for a tradetracker account. After your account is approved by TradeTracker (which can take anywhere from a day to 5 workdays) you’ll be able to apply for our specific affiliate campaign. Once everything is in order, simply request your unique affiliate link and start promoting your favorite Alka products!

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